Professional Assessments

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Professional Assessments

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Professional assessments assist you in diagnosing your decision-making talents, motivational drivers, and behavioral preferences.professional assessments


To achieve maximum effect, we use Innermetrix professional assessments.  Our owner, Warren J. Rutherford, is certified in the use and interpretation of the Attributes Index, the Values Index, and the DISC Index. He is a CMT Certified Master Mentor and serves as the Director of Coaching Programs for Innermetrix, Inc.

Your level of self-awareness and authenticity help determine how effective you can and will be.  Every day that you make decisions, behave in a particular way, and act in a certain way demonstrates your unique “you.”  Each person is different, and understanding the what, why, and how you are unique can help you to develop more certainy, significance, and connection to who you are – thereby improving the use of your natural talents, behaviors, and values.

  • Some time ago noted management scientist Peter Drucker offered that: “Productive work in the new economy is work that applies vision, knowledge and concepts – work that is based on the mind rather than the hand. The center of gravity of the work force is shifting from the manual worker to the knowledge worker.”
  • Tom Peters noted that: “All Profits Are Generated Between The Ears.”
  • Some years back Deloitte commissioned a study and found, in part, that: 8 out of 10 employees now produce services rather than products.

Is it any surprise then, that, in our understanding to achieve peak human performance, we need to look at:

  • WHAT natural talents does a person possess
  • WHY are they motivated to use them
  • HOWdo they prefer to use them

Self-Awareness and Authenticity – Understanding WHAT, WHY, and HOW affects:

  • Attitude
  • Talent
  • Performance Improvement
  • Efficiencies
  • Behaviors
  • Engagement and
  • Corporate and Individual Performance

The key to successful Individual Excellence lies in the combination of a person’s WHAT, WHY & HOW (Talents, Values and Behavior).

professional assessments

The Innermetrix ADVanced Insights Profile holistically combines the best of three world-class profiles –

  • The Attribute Index measures how you think and make decisions
  • The Values Index measures your motivational style and drivers
  • The DISC Index measures your preferred behavioral style.
  • Together they answer the questions WHAT, WHY and HOW:
  • What natural talents do you have?
  • Why are you motivated to use them?
  • How do you prefer to use them?

This level of self-awareness and discovery are the core to achieving peak performance in any role or endeavor, to ensure that you properly align what you do best with how you do it and why you are driven to do so.

Using the Assessment

We utilize these and other objective appraisal instruments in our talent assessment systemsexecutive search practice, executive coaching, and management training work. Our focus is to enable clients to become more authentic and self-aware by understanding how their skill strengths, decision making talents, motivational drivers, and behavioral preferences affect their personal and professional performance.

The Benefits of Assessments

There are quite a few varieties of psychometric professional assessments ranging from aptitude, behavior, personality, to emotional intelligence tests.  At The Executive Suite we utilize Innermetrix professional assessments based on their proven abilites to assist in developing precise benchmark profies in our executive search practice, and in assisting clients in our executive coaching and management training work.

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Understanding how you think and makes decisions may be the most important decision you can make.  For a complimentary review of your drivers, take this complimentary Innermetrix Atrributes Index assessment that will measure your EQ. I’ll contact you and guide you through an initial self-discovery process.

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