You’re Buying an Entire Executive Search Process

Our process goes beyond lining up candidates with job experience. We conduct collaborative research and thorough strategy assessments. At the end, you will receive a list of hand-selected executives ready to lead your organization that share your aspirations for company legacy.

You don’t exactly know what to do with your business. It’s becoming clear that you’re ready for life’s next adventure but perhaps you are not ready to depart. We help create clarity around what is next for your business. Our job is to uncover some options you’d be comfortable with for your business.

Once you have a clear vision for the future by developing a business growth strategy we can help you get there. The main way we do that is through hiring an executive to assume your responsibilities and take your business to new highs. This isn’t always easy. There is often an emotional connection with the business you built. We respect and admire that about business owners.

1. Develop a Company Profile:

Understanding Your Company’s Needs, Aspirations, and Trajectory

As a business owner, what comes next is uncharted territory. You need guidance as to your options for transitioning out of your business, while keeping that business legacy alive. Our business growth strategy is the first step. Together, we will evaluate your needs by creating a clear vision for your Business Growth goals.

We will develop a targeted growth plan which helps you the evaluate the different business functions that can change so you can become focused on why a new executive is the best option for your business.

2. Build a Benchmark Profile:

Finding Executives Ready to Lead Starts with Identifying Necessary Characteristics

Our benchmark profile is a talent assessment system that identifies what candidates need to possess in order to be successful within your company at an executive position. We work collaboratively with you and your executive/ownership team and stakeholders to ensure that this future hire fits your brand’s culture, needs, and aspirations. This guide allows us to effectively bring in executives that are ready to lead.

Finding Effective Executive Options for Your Organization

  1. Develop a confidential organizational profile that highlights your operational growth strategy
  2. Develop a benchmark talent profile for the executive position
  3. Position research and recruitment
  4. Candidate screening
  5. Preliminary interviewing of qualified candidates
  6. Evaluation of candidate core competencies
  7. Referral of finalist candidates for interview
  8. Comprehensive reference, credit, and background checks
  9. Candidate selection and negotiation of employment terms

Guaranteed Results

In executive search, results mean a lot. Our search effort provides owners a guarantee of performance for the new executives of 1 year.

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