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Our Process

Executive Search

Our executive search process provides certainty, signigicance, and creates a guaranteed connection with our clients.

  • Certainty – we match the executive search process to each client’s strategic Vision and Plan.
  • Significance – we develop a benchmark candidate profile and company profile that matches to each client’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Purpose (MV2P).
  • Connection – we guarantee the results of our search process between our firm, our clients, and the selected candidate.
  • Contact us to discuss your executive search requirements.
  • Tools we use to assist in your success include: 
  • ADVanced Insights Assessment – Measures each candidate’s decision-making, behaviors, and motivators.
  • Business Health Check up Assessment – Measures 11 core business dimensions that drive performance and profitability.
  • Comprehensive Background and Reference Checks
  • Candidate Center – A comprehensive screening & selection process.

Recently completed searches include the following: