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Our Process

As your business partner we want to understand:

  • Your growth strategy,
  • How each executive or professional position will help you to achieve that strategy,
  • What type of executive or professional candidate will best fit your company’s culture & work with other executives and professionals, and,
  • How those candidates can fulfill their long-term goals for growth and success.

That’s a lot. But we work hard to deliver on those promises. Here are several of the tools we use in the search process:

  • ADVanced Insights Assessment – Measures each candidate’s behaviors, motivators, and decision-making competencies,
  • Business Health Check up Assessment – Measures 11 core business dimensions that drive performance and profitability. Complete form on the right to order yours now,
  • Understanding your MV2P Your Mission, vision, values, & purpose,
  • Established Network of Candidates – Matching superior candidates to your company and culture,
  • Comprehensive Background and Reference Checks,
  • Candidate Center – A comprehensive screening & selection process, and
  • My commitment to your long term growth & success.

Finding talent for employment is not as difficult as one might expect.

Completed Searches

Recently completed searches include the following:


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