Executive Recruitment & Professional Staffing

I find the best executive and professional talent for your company.

As your business partner
I want to understand:

Your growth strategy,

How each executive or professional position will help you to achieve that strategy,

What type of executive or professional will best fit your company’s culture & work with other executives and professionals, and,

How they can fulfill their long-term goals for growth and success.

That’s a lot. But I work hard to deliver on those promises. Here are several of the tools I use in the search process:


Understanding your MV2P

Mission, vision, values, & purpose


DISC Index Assessment®

Measures each candidate’s behaviors and competencies.

Business Health Check up Assessment

Measures 11 core business dimensions that drive performance and profitability. Click the Button to take your free assessment now.


Established Network of Candidates

Matching superior candidates to your company and culture.


Candidate Center

A comprehensive screening & selection process.


My commitment to your long term growth & success

Finding talent for employment is not as difficult as one might expect.

Executive Search

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