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Best Business Plan iPhone and iTunes Apps

A lot of people like music. So much so that sometimes you can see the fingers thumping to a tune broadcast through the iPhone’s iTunes App.  So much so that it got me to thinking about how cool it would be to create a series of iPhone Apps that work with iTunes and a...

7 Ways To Master Managing Change Without Breaking A Sweat

Some time ago one of my executive coaching clients asked me how to develop an effective change management process in her business.  First, I asked her what level of change management procedures her company had in place.  Second, I asked her what her level of interest...

Finding Your New CEO Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

Every race car has a driver. Every driver has a different set of skills that makes him – or her unique.  The drivers who are the most successful in a race, series of races, year-in, year-out, are the ones who have mastered the combination of their skills sets to achieve a winning strategy out of the gate, time and again.

Why Peer Advisory Boards Are Crucial To Your Business!

As an executive search and business owner transition coach I’m often asked to help owners sort through the maze of professional services made available to help them run their business better.  It makes sense then to learn why peer advisory boards are one of these professional services, and why they might help you as a business owner in growing your business.

How You Can Refine Your Departmental Structure

Often in business, a manager finds himself making do with an organizational structure that isn’t efficient or effective just because it is ‘in place’ and it will be hard to change.  There are several reasons why we may be willing to maintain the status quo.  At the very least, re-organizing will change reporting relationships which will ruffle some feathers. 

How Can You Develop and Maintain a Productive Work Environment?

Do any of these comments ring true in your experience?  “Oh boy, here we go again, another genius who is going to tell us what to do!”  “I just can’t get the owner to listen to me; I have a simple solution to his issue with sales!”  “I wish we all would discuss our goals for this next quarter, I am not sure we are all on the same page.”

Five Steps To A Great Transition And Succession Plan

It’s the responsibility of every business owner to plan for the day when he will no longer be involved in his business.  The plan is the process – the sale of the business is the objective.  It’s not uncommon for the owner to avoid the process, instead waiting for the objective to occur so he can sign the purchase and sale agreement with a new owner and move on to his retirement – also unplanned and ill defined.

Sometimes You Should Choose An Athlete

nvariably in business we are faced with the need to fill open staff positions.  Employees are promoted, demoted, reassigned or choose to leave.  When this occurs, there are a variety of options open to us.  Like anything else, filling an open position is a process to be followed whether you are working with a Human Resources department of filling the position on your own.

Four Ways The Manager Coach Can Improve Morale

One of my clients asked me recently if this was a passing phenomenon or a lasting change in management practice.  First, he indicated he didn’t understand what it was, didn’t understand why it was needed, and didn’t understand how it could be applied.  He was – as he expressed to me – confused.  (Maybe that is why I established Peer Advisory Groups?)