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Master The Art Of Promotions With A Great Talent Assessment System

Clients often ask my opinion on promotional decisions they want to make in their company. Not all the time, but they ask. I thought about why there were not consistent asks for all the promotional opportunities. Where and why was there a hesitation or a doubt? 

How Does Racial Bias Show Up At Work?

I am a business owner, I am white, and I have years of experience growing up and working in and around people of color. Have I exhibited racist actions in the past – yes. Do I regret having done so – yes. Has it impacted my leadership and management actions – yes! Do I consciously strive to be a racist – no! 

5 Questions You Need To Ask About Effective Position Descriptions

Developing effective talent assessment systems for clients often involves developing position descriptions.  Over the years I have developed well over a twelve-hundred position descriptions.  In each instance the process has involved interviewing employees and their supervisors about the knowledge, skills, abilities, and essential functions of their specific positions. 

Management Coaching in a Pandemic

Did you ever think that we would be having conversations about a pandemic?  Was the word “pandemic” used in your workplace before March 2020? Last question.  How often was Zoom, Skype, WebEx, or other virtual platform used to conduct work in your business before March? 

Four Ways The Manager Coach Can Improve Motivation

Another client indicated she wasn’t quite sure she was ready to buy into my observation about the value of managers as coaches – being trained in coaching practices to manage employees better.  After all, why should managers listen to employees, especially when the owners knew what needed to be done?

Do You Need A Management Coaching and Training Program?

I have developed a management coaching and training program that enables me to work with business clients who have identified significant needs that contribute to poor business performance. The primary focus for the coaching and training are managers and supervisors in a business who need training to improve their management skills and abilities.

Want More Money? Develop An Ideal Candidate Background

During a recent discussion on a Business Manager search I asked our client if he could detail the ideal candidate background for this position.  He immediately asked why this was important, as he thought it was more important to discuss salary, benefits, our services, etc.  So then began our discussion – which I thought I would share with you.