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Four Ways The Manager Coach Can Improve Motivation

Another client indicated she wasn’t quite sure she was ready to buy into my observation about the value of managers as coaches – being trained in coaching practices to manage employees better.  After all, why should managers listen to employees, especially when the owners knew what needed to be done?

Do You Need A Management Coaching and Training Program?

I have developed a management coaching and training program that enables me to work with business clients who have identified significant needs that contribute to poor business performance. The primary focus for the coaching and training are managers and supervisors in a business who need training to improve their management skills and abilities.

Want More Money? Develop An Ideal Candidate Background

During a recent discussion on a Business Manager search I asked our client if he could detail the ideal candidate background for this position.  He immediately asked why this was important, as he thought it was more important to discuss salary, benefits, our services, etc.  So then began our discussion – which I thought I would share with you.

When to Use a Placement Firm

Our continued success results from constantly recruiting for talent; screening, testing, and interviewing applicants; and having a good knowledge base for talent that circulates in different industries. 

The Lazy Man’s Guide To Leadership Development

There are lots of approaches to leadership development, with most focused on developing the leadership abilities of individuals.  You have your options – college courses, leadership development institutes, executive certificate programs, online training, coaching, the list goes on, and they are all pretty good.

5 Tips On How To Give A Great Job Interview

In our executive recruitment function we interview job applicants every day.  Some of the applicants are applying for specific employment while others are being interviewed so that we can place them into our talent inventory for future employment.

The Truth About Management Coaches In 3 Little Words

Are you looking for definition – or perhaps clarification about management coaches?  Let me ask you?  If you are thinking of engaging with a management coach (or any coach for that matter), what are the 3 most important words you seek from that coach?  Why is it that you believe you need a management coach?  Are you questioning your path in your business life or your focus? 

What You Will Do Dihttps://www.theexecutivesuite.com/blog/what-you-will-do-differently-in-2020-than-in-2019-doesnt-have-to-be-hard-read-these-5-tips/fferently In 2020 Than In 2019 Doesn’t Have To Be Hard: Read These 5 Tips!

Given the undulating nature of our regional, national, and global economy this past year it’s a safe bet that any actions we take in our businesses in 2020 will benefit from a good game plan.  As you reflect on 2019 pay special attention to these five business...

How Can You Get an Executive Coaching Assessment For Under $100?

Our gut has a lot in it – intuition, snap decisions, subconscious perspectives – and it’s all below the conscious or thinking surface.  Not to be coy, but think about this – research in the decision-making of consumers shows that as much as 95% of the decision to purchase something is subconscious (Harvard-Zaltman, 2003). Research on Naval Commanders showed that 95% of decisions were based on intuition and “gut” rather than actually analyzing and comparing options (Klein et all, 1996).[1]  Intuition – our gut – has a substantial role to play in how we make decisions.

3 More Myths About Management Performance

In my first installment I discussed 3 myths.  In this installment, I discuss 3 more myths.  It’s important to work with clients to improve their individual and company performance.