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Albert Einstein On Leadership Coaching

Did Albert Einstein really write about leadership coaching directly?  No, but here’s where his inspiration can help all of us.  One of the greatest creative thinkers in the world wrote a bit on many things, some of which can be applied to the practice of leadership coaching.

3 Keys to Successful Business Growth

There are more than 3 keys to successful business growth – I am simply mentioning 3 of the more significant ones that I work with clients on.  Add to the list: products and services of value to your customers, motivated and talented workers, a fantastic marketing strategy, a superb sales process, raving fans… 

How Businesses Effectively Develop Succession and Transition Plans

If we could proceed without regard to reality, it will make sense that every business (except those quite small) should develop succession plans, upward mobility, cross training, mentoring, and similar approaches to ensure that there is always talent at the ready to take over a more senior person’s role when s/he decides or needs to move on. 

Cracking The Process Improvement Code

Businesses are regularly challenged with an increasing array of product and service requirements that are often the result of industry best practices, customer requirements, or management innovation initiative, to name a few.  The way that the business (private, not for profit, or governmental) is able to respond to these challenges helps to determine the business’s ability to provide these products and services effectively and efficiently. 

How Healthy Is Your Baby Boomer Business?

Successful baby boomer businesses grow, are financially strong, and have integrated sales, marketing, and operations functions.  Combined with superior leadership, teams, and employees that develop and implement good planning, businesses will be top performers. 

Interesting Factoids I Bet You Never Knew About Baby Boomer Business Owners And Immigration Policy

My business practice focuses on two areas – executive and professional search and business transition planning.  Not surprisingly, many fellow business owners, baby boomers themselves, are regularly asking if I have talent available to fill entry and mid-level positions in their companies.  These questions arise as many of their own baby boomer employees who occupied these, and other positions retire, and individuals in those entry and mid-level positions are given opportunity for upward mobility.