When An Executive Search Firm Finds That Top Talent Disapparate

As an executive search firm if you provide executive search consulting you probably have had some top talent over the past few years, especially since March 2020, who “disapparated.[1]” Their destination may be quite unknown to you. Remorse might occur over letting what appears to be a successful candidate get away.

In my executive search firm world, I look for the person-future fit. I need a job seeker who matches up their career ambitions and expectations to my client company’s goals, strategic focus, and plan.  Never an easy match but it is a worthy effort.

The Executive Search Hiring Process

Determining a person-future fit involves focused effort to develop a sound understanding of my client company’s goals and objectives. I assist owners in developing that future strategic focus and plan.  This helps owners to focus on growth strategies and functional areas of the business that need upgrading. When they strengthen areas that are performing well – these areas have the potential to perform better. 

Accompanying the company’ future strategic vision is the development of a candidate’s benchmark profile. This profile provides candidate data on executive level decision-making attributes, motivators, and behavioral tendencies. These are successful elements for a person-future fit in this executive level position. The profile seeks to further match the candidate’s and the client’s view of success.

The Executive Search Challenge

If it were so easy positions would be easily filled. Right?  Well, the pandemic threw a curve to the executive search process.  Perhaps the challenge would have appeared more slowly as technology, aging, and costs continued to impact our work world.  But the pandemic certainly accelerated the change.

The challenge now for an executive search firm is finding executive level talent who are:

  • interested in a great opportunity to work with owners to grow their business,
  • passionate about using their talents and expertise to adapt to the company’s culture and environment, and
  • excited about making a difference in the company’s legacy.

Is it easy to find top talent? In a COVID-19 environment, present and post, (and there may not be a post), it is not a slam-dunk.  Potential candidates need to think about the risk v. benefit of moving from a relatively secure executive position to another position in another company. A move that may often involve relocation of family, new housing, new expenses, and employment for their significant other.

Next Steps To Get Top Talent

So, how can we get top talent to apparate? It’s quite simple!  Executive recruitment services need to make sure we let potential candidates know that we are continually looking for qualified candidates for senior level roles.  Much as a company develops inventory for its sales, executive search firms develop and maintain an inventory of top talent through our professional networks, as well as social media.

[1] Yes, I am a fan of the wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling.

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