About The Executive Suite

A Massachusetts Executive Search Firm

Our Mission

To help successful business owners transition their business and hire a leader to take that business to new heights.

Our Values


Always present the facts


Do what is right by the client and the candidate


Focused on client success, timelines accommodated


Looks to the future growth of client company


Learn about client and candidate motivators and ensure search process acknowledges and is responsive to those motivators


Seeks first to understand client needs (transition and search) and then develops process to achieve the need


Begins with the end in mind. Planning process and its parts focused on successful outcomes as defined by client


Transition and search process is thorough, includes analysis of all client company strengths and opportunities

Meet Warren Rutherford, Principal at The Executive Suite

Better known in his part of Cape Cod as The Manager, Warren Rutherford has had a lifelong career in helping businesses succeed and create positive impacts within their community. Warren’s consulting expertise has allowed him to help several hundred small to medium-sized businesses and municipalities throughout Massachusetts and beyond.

Warren's career has been focused on helping business owners grow their company:

  • Led executive leadership and management coaching
  • Created an executive training program
  • Conducted consulting for SMB and municipalities 
  • Amassed several certification and accreditations

All of these were building blocks that created a strong foundation for what The Executive Suite offers to clients. Warren found a passion for helping private and family-owned businesses. He saw the need for the growing number of businesses led by baby boomers and Gen Xers to have a transition plan. Beyond that, his love for understanding senior-level leaders helped him create a niche in the executive search side of transition planning.

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