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Management Coaching & Mentoring

Our management coaching programs combine a common sense approach to management and leadership.

  • Proven coaching principles and smart leadership tools.
  • Mentoring programs focus on the next generation of managers for your business.

Talent Assessment Systems

A talent assessment system  –

  • Allows a business to assess all job candidates,
  • Assists in the hiring process,
  • Provides support to promotional opportunities and succession planning,
  • Provides the basis for more directed training programs, and
  • Assists in more accurate performance reviews.

Business Planning & Transition Planning

Business plans are developed to focus a business’ strategies for success. Ask yourself:

  • How is your organization preparing itself for this year?
  • How many of your employees understand your organization – and why is this important?

We work with business owners using transition planning to change leadership, programs, and service changes.


Town Manager, Town of Nantucket

“He really captured what we wanted. We wanted a thorough search; we wanted somebody who could really recruit if we could not find them just via basic advertising. He did a lot of the leg-work, he did all the pre-interviewing, and he had a very good sense of who would work and who would not work in the position.”

Former Chair, Hyannis Area Chamber of Commerce

“Warren had the skills we did not have. He is a Human Resource professional that provides an impartial selection process in the hiring of key people necessary to the success of the organization. His strong analytical ability and familiarity with the hiring process saved us time and resulted in the best candidate being hired.”

CEO, Duffy Health Center

“We hired Warren and The Executive Suite to help us hire our HR Director. He gave me a range of people to look at and it made my decision pretty easy. Warren was very good about talking it through with me, discussing the pros and cons of the different candidates.”

Director of Municipal Finance, Town of Nantucket

“I have said it from day one that I think he did an extremely thorough job. One of the benefits of The Executive Suite is that Warren having been a Town Manager he understands municipal government. In these types of positions I think it is important that the person who is guiding the town through the process understands how the town goes through these types of processes and the importance of the position that the town was looking to fill. I think that it is a big benefit to municipalities having someone who has been on the other side and been in that role in the decision making process.”

Business Manager, Oyster Harbors Marine

“Warren does the right thing for his client. He did a very thorough interview with me; he spent over an hour, asked me a lot of questions about my background and explained the position in-depth. I thought he did a very good job in vetting me and gave me a clear and honest picture of what the opportunity was as well as a couple of the challenges. It’s a great job and he got me the interview.”




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