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Continue Your Company Legacy By Hiring

For private and family-owned businesses that choose to hire instead of sell, we help you find an executive ready to carry on your company legacy. You'll get a hand-picked list of mission-driven executives that understand what your business means to your clients and the community.

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The Executive Suite handles the hiring side of your growth planning

Retiring is harder when you created the business. Legacy brings new challenges for business owners to contemplate as they look towards the future. Many owners want to ensure their customers, community, employees, and vendors continue to be served. That is why growth planning is so important.

We conduct growth planning with you and the hiring of executives to help your business grow as you move beyond your company.

The Executive Suite is a retained executive search firm in Massachusetts. For family-owned and private businesses, you need an advisor who understands how companies can be impacted by leadership. We have over three decades of recruiting experience and proven systems for evaluating a company's management needs.

There are a lot of reasons to reach out to an executive search firm

  • Family members or senior managers
    don’t want to take over.
  • There
    is no clear successor
  • Limited qualified senior-level internal candidates

We go beyond evaluating a suitable culture fit and work to attract an executive that shares your vision for the future of the company. Our search is more involved than resumes and leadership consulting. The ideal hire is one that fulfills a person-future-fit — a leader that grows beyond the needs of today and can lead the organization into the future.

The Executive Suite by the Numbers

  • 36 years in business
  • 4.5 average months to complete a search
  • 7 average years executive hires stay

Much More Involved Than Recruiters — We Guarantee It

Our goal isn’t to hire and leave. We want to make sure that our executive search candidates thrive once they are hired.

We go beyond filling a role and focus on continuing the legacy of your business. The executive/C-suite candidates we bring to your business are highly vetted. While we may start with an applicant's job history, we make sure their aspirations align with your company’s goals for growth and culture.

The Executive Suite recognizes how big of a commitment it is to hire executives to run your business. With our process, you'll be confident in your final selection.

Get help finding a leader

We Help Closely-Held Businesses Hire Executives in Industries like:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Distribution
  • Government

What is the Executive Search Process?

The executive search process allows a business owner to find a successor outside of the company.

Before that begins, you need to define your business growth goals. In our process, we listen, examine, and understand your company’s position and culture. This helps us guide your search and acquire an executive ready to carry on your company’s legacy — an executive to lead your organization to new highs.

Here's the executive search process

  1. Understand your Growth Goals
  2. Develop a Company Profile
  3. Build a Candidate Benchmark Profile
  4. Conduct a Talent Assessment
  5. Find an Executive

Messages from happy businesses and executives

  • Warren does the right thing for his client.

    He did a very thorough interview with me; he spent an hour, asked me a lot of questions about my background and explained the position in-depth. I thought he did a very good job in vetting me and gave me a clear and honest picture of what the opportunity was as well as a couple of the challenges. It’s a great Job and he got me the interview.

    Very thorough, connects well with people and makes eye contact, comes across as a honest and straight forward guy, personable guy, diligent.

    I will always be appreciative of Warren working to get me that position.

    John Donnelly, Business Manager, Oyster Harbors Marine

  • The Executive Suite is my choice for recruitment. I have used them several times to fill full time positions at my company. Recruitment of my Staff Accountant was successful with Warren doing a thorough background check, and utilizing international databases was not an obstacle. Warren concisely presents his interview results and works one on one with you to find the right fit and was flexible with my needs. By the time I was interviewing the candidates, I was informed and prepared. I will use him in the future.

    Jocelyn Duffley, CEO, Hyannis Country Gardens

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