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The Executive Suite uses a strategic executive search process that emphasizes a client company's legacy and mission.

executive search at the executive suite

Executive search at The Executive Suite uses a strategic process that emphasizes a client company’s legacy and mission, and provides certainty, significance, and creates a guaranteed connection with each of our clients.

How do we accomplish this?

  • Match the executive search process to each client’s strategic vision and plan.
  • Develop a company profile and a benchmark candidate profile with our Talent Assessment System that matches to each client’s mission, vision, values, and purpose.
  • Guarantee the results of our search process between our firm, our client, and the selected candidate.

Often family-owned and closely-held companies will engage us to conduct succession-based searches so that these companies can preserve their legacy to their community, customers, employees, and vendors, utilizing our unique executive search process.

The Executive Search Process

The Executive Search process strategically engages ownership and key stakeholders to define how to preserve and perpetuate the growth of their company as they pursue recruiting an executive to run the company.

We develop an understanding of each client’s customers, vendors, employees, and community so that we can create a compelling company profile for use in the executive search process that includes conducting a high-level diagnosis of existing business systems so that there is clarity in understanding company strengths and opportunities that can help to fulfill executive search aspirations.

Our talent assessment system process ensures that we identify the key decision-making, values, and behavioral attributes for that new executive that will match to our client company’s position requirements.

Experience tells us that the more we understand what natural talents executives have, why they are motivated to use them, and how they prefer to use them, the more we will be able to understand how that executive will match to our client company’s requirements.

Achieving that person-future fit is going to be crucial to your collective success.

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Executive Search Opportunities

  1. Chief Operating Officer

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Smart and others, the data works out like this:

75% of average hires turn out to be a disappointment,
50% of hires end up being a mis-hire, and
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4 X’s the annual salary for supervisors,
6 X’s the annual salary for sales representatives,
8 X’s the annual salary for mid-level managers, and
15 X’s the annual salary for vice presidents.

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