• Warren does the right thing for his client.

    He did a very thorough interview with me; he spent an hour, asked me a lot of questions about my background and explained the position in-depth. I thought he did a very good job in vetting me and gave me a clear and honest picture of what the opportunity was as well as a couple of the challenges. It’s a great Job and he got me the interview.

    Very thorough, connects well with people and makes eye contact, comes across as a honest and straight forward guy, personable guy, diligent.

    I will always be appreciative of Warren working to get me that position.

    John Donnelly, Business Manager, Oyster Harbors Marine

  • The Executive Suite is my choice for recruitment. I have used them several times to fill full time positions at my company. Recruitment of my Staff Accountant was successful with Warren doing a thorough background check, and utilizing international databases was not an obstacle. Warren concisely presents his interview results and works one on one with you to find the right fit and was flexible with my needs. By the time I was interviewing the candidates, I was informed and prepared. I will use him in the future.

    Jocelyn Duffley, CEO, Hyannis Country Gardens

  • We were very happy with the process.  We put a lot of time into the process.  Warren did all the leg-work and presented us with 3 good candidates.  We ended up spending an hour and a half with each candidate and also went through second interviews.  Then it was the fourth candidate that we hired that came in at the very end.

    Warren went the extra mile to find the right fit for our organization.

    I don’t think he did anything different for us I think that it is the process he does. I would highly recommend Warren.  He accomplished what we set out to do.

    Ron Sylvia, Chair, Oyster Harbors Marine

  • It was an exhaustive process… Long process from start to finish which I think was good as it was very thorough.

    I have said it from day one I think he did an extremely thorough job.  One of the benefits of The Executive Suite is that Warren having been a Town Administrator he understands municipal government.  In these types of positions I think it is important that the person who is guiding the town through the process understands how the town goes through these types of processes and the importance of the position that the town was looking to fill.  I think that it is a big benefit to municipalities having someone who has been on the other side and been in that role in the decision making process.

    I think that Warren did as good a job as I ever had dealing with a recruiter or search firm.  Warren was very professional and thorough.

    Brian Turbitt, Director of Municipal Finance, Town of Nantucket

  • Warren had the skills we did not have. He is a Human Resource professional that provides an impartial selection process in the hiring of key people necessary to the success of the organization. His strong analytical ability and familiarity with the hiring process saved us time and resulted in the best candidate being hired.

    Executive Suite becomes a partner with the Human Resource Department saving many valuable hours for the business. They cast a wide net in the search, do all preliminary work and present the best candidates. They are strong in the Executive level searches leaving the Company’s HR department the time to manage all other personnel issues.

    Sharon Hawkins, Hyannis Area Chamber of Commerce, Former Chair

  • We hired Warren and the Executive Suite to help us hire our HR Director.  He gave me a range of people to look at and it made my decision pretty easy.

    Warren was very good about talking it through with me, discussing the pros and cons of the different candidates.

    We have also used the Temp Agency and found it to be a well-oiled machine- definitely one of their strengths.

    Heidi Nelson, CEO Duffy Center

  • He really captured what we wanted.  We wanted a thorough search; we wanted somebody who could really recruit if we could not find them just via basic advertising.  He did a lot of the leg-work, he did all the pre-interviewing, and he had a very good sense of who would work and who would not work in the position.

    His interviewing was very thorough.  What was very helpful was that he got the candidates thinking about what it would be like to move and live here, have they really thought about that how they are going to go about locating housing as that is very big deal here.  He did the background checks, he helped with the contract and salary negotiations, and he did the arrangements of getting the candidates here for final interviews.

    Warren had a good way of vetting out any issues with the candidate.

    He does what he says he going to do.

    Elizabeth Gibson, Town Manager, Town of Nantucket

  • Latham Centers, Inc. utilized Warren Rutherford’s company The Executive Suite to help us in our search for a Chief Financial Officer. Warren was great to work with, a great listener, very professional, and always asked probative questions to ensure that he understood our needs. He took the time to understand Latham, our culture, and our vision for the future. He was selective about candidates that he submitted for review and always asked for our feedback as he honed the selection process. With Warren’s help, we have found a CFO who is just right for Latham Centers, Inc. I can highly recommend Warren if you are searching for a candidate for a critical position in your company.

    Anne McManus, Executive Director and President, Latham Centers

  • We had had great difficulty filling and retaining our Director of Underwriting position. The prospect of going through the interviewing and vetting process for the third time in three years was daunting.

    For the first time, we decided to engage outside help. Warren saved us both invaluable time and a ton of headaches. He handled the search, weeded out prospects that weren’t right for the job, and presented us with quality candidates.

    We’re now 18 months out from our hire, and the Director that Warren recruited for us has turned the struggling department around. Our Underwriting team hit its year-end goal for the first time in years!

    PJ Finn, Executive Director, WMVY Radio

  • His search for candidates turned up people we had not seen before, with very appropriate backgrounds, personalities and recommendations. His thorough evaluation methods, and the special tools he used, proved invaluable in sorting through resumes and interviews.

    Throughout the process, Mr. Rutherford listened carefully and responded directly to our questions and needs. He is informal, friendly and highly effective. His demeanor hides his willingness and ability to act firmly when necessary, and to be clear about his clients’ needs. He was also very helpful to those candidates who didn’t get the job they had applied for.

    Antonia Moran, Mayor, Mansfield, CT