Talent Assessment System

The talent assessment system is based on assessment tools developed by Innermetrix, Inc., specifically the Attributes Index, the Values Index, and the DISC Index.  When you know a person’s decision-making talents, motivators, and behaviors – their what, why, and how – what natural talents they have, why they are motivated to use them, and how they prefer to use them you can more accurately assess a person’s fit in your business.

As a Master and 5th Level Coach, and member of the International Coaching Federation since 2005, Warren is expert on the use and application of these assessment tools in his recruitment and coaching practice.

Rather than keep this expertise to his own practice he has developed the talent assessment system to train businesses to learn how to use these assessment tools in the areas discussed below.  He will provide ongoing monthly support and assistance to each business who uses the system.

By exporting this knowledge and expertise in the use of these tools, businesses can now assess all job candidates, assess all job titles and functions, assess all their employees, recruit people who will match job profiles, enable more accurate promotional and succession opportunities.

Is there a one-size fits all?  Perhaps not. The system is designed to grow and accommodate your people needs.

Additional support is available in the following areas:

  • Classification and Compensation Design
    • Developing a job factoring system that meets EEO, ADA, and FLSA requirements
    • Developing job descriptions that are ADA compliant
    • Developing compensation systems that are market competitive
    • We’ve written, factored, and designed compensation for over 1,200 positions
  • Pay-for-Performance System Design
    • Linking performance-based pay to job function accomplishment
    • Utilizing a quartile-based compensation matrix for pay adjustments

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