Talent Assessment Systems

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Talent Assessment System

The talent assessment system is based on the Innermetrix, Inc. assessment tools:  the Attributes Index, the Values Index, and the DISC Index.

When you know a person’s decision-making talents, motivators, and behaviors – their what, why, and how – what natural talents they have, why they are motivated to use them, and how they prefer to use them you can more accurately assess a person’s fit in your business.

As a Master and 5th Level Coach, and member of the International Coaching Federation since 2005, Warren is expert on the use and application of these assessment tools in his recruitment and coaching practice.

Rather than keep this expertise to his own practice he has developed the talent assessment system to train businesses to learn how to use these assessment tools in the areas discussed below.  He provides ongoing monthly support and assistance to each business who uses the system.  By exporting this knowledge and expertise in the use of these tools, businesses can now assess all job candidates, assess all job titles and functions, assess all their employees, recruit people who will match job profiles, enable more accurate promotional and succession opportunities.  Is there a one-size fits all?  Perhaps not. The system is designed to grow and accommodate each company’s people needs.

Developing a Benchmark Profile

Developing a talent assessment system for use in executive search at The Executive Suite assists clients in understanding how a position’s benchmark profile will better position executive search candidates to match up to executive-level jobs.

  • The benchmark profle is developed collaboratively with members of the executive and ownership team.
  • The process to build the profile is consistent with EEO guidelines and considers the involvement of a team of stakeholders in a company to effectively represent the diversity of the organization so that the potential for bias and adverse impact is lessened.
  • Developing a benchmark profile that is consistent with Diverstiy, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives requires forethought into how members in a company can participate collaboratively so that the stakeholder group represents the company’s diversity.  As we develop a benchmark profile we –
  • Ensure that job descriptions are ADA compliant, and essential functions, KSA’s, and other environmental factors are listed.
  • Identify stakeholders who have direct interaction with the position to be benchmarked.
  • Identify stakeholders who have an indirect interaction with the position to be benchmarked.

Utilizing the process used in the Innermetrix Benchmark Manual and mindful that a benchmark is “something that serves as a standard by which others may be measured or judged,” we follow the Innermetrix benchmarking process to develop a a set of scores that establishes an ideal profile, against which we can assess individuals with regard to their fit for a given role/environment.

The benchmarking process used ensures that a rigorous approach maximizes objective data as much as possible in developing a custom benchmark profile for each executive position

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About Talent Assessment Systems

  • IMX ADVanced Insights assessments have no adverse impact on any protected class,

  • Assess all job candidates in the hiring process,

  • Improve promotional opportunity and succession planning results,

  • Develop benchmarked position profiles,

  • Mitigate diversity & equity bias with benchmarking process,

  • Provide more directed training programs,

  • Perform more accurate performance reviews,

  • Recognized as one of the Top Talent Management Companies by HR Tech Outlook please read our recent article on Talent Assessment Systems by clicking on the icon below.

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