Leadership In The New Economy Training

Leadership In The New Economy Training

An Executive Leadership Development Program

16 weeks, 2 hours weekly

 The Executive Suite has developed this Executive Leadership Development Program for career professionals who have a need to increase their level of performance and connection to their organization and who can benefit from learning advanced coaching techniques to better manage communications and relationships within their business.

Embedded within the program is the practical experience gained from over 39+ year’s expertise in the leadership and management of organizations.

This program provides the career professional the ability to identify and maximize your natural talents and strengths in a way that is consistent with whom you are and who you need to become as you learn practical and effective leadership and management skills and techniques that you can apply immediately in your business.

During this program I will work with you to identify your preferred behaviors, values, and decision-making talents to help you to improve your leadership and management performance.  The program is structured to be delivered over 16 weeks in a group setting.  Each weekly session lasts 2 hours.

What is covered in the Executive Leadership Coaching Development Program?

The central assumption in our program is that managers of many businesses are expert in the variety of roles they occupy but may not have had the opportunity to receive formal leadership and management training.  As such, our program emphasizes a practical and proven management and leadership development approach.

Our standard curriculum discusses –

  1. The manager’s role in a business,
  2. How to develop and lead a work team,
  3. How develop planning and organizing management skills,
  4. How to manage people issues related to selection, orientation, and training,
  5. Effective communication, counseling, and effective coaching skills and techniques,
  6. How to create and maintain a climate for motivation,
  7. An effective process to manage change,
  8. Developing and maintaining a productive work environment,
  9. Developing effective position descriptions – a turn-right analysis,
  10. Developing an effective performance appraisal process and system,
  11. Continuous quality improvement and business process improvement, and
  12. Project management.

This standard approach can be augmented by other related training based on a client-specific need.  As an example, in prior programs we have presented business planning and budgeting.

Each session provides program participants the opportunity to review written material as well as present results on weekly assignments.  As an accountability-based training program the focus is upon learning, applying, and continuously practicing the tools you will learn in class.

It may have taken you a while to acquire your existing management and leadership habits, so it is understandable that you will not change your old habits for the new habits you will acquire overnight.

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