Peer Advisory Group

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Peer Advisory Group

4 hours monthly

Would you like to meet monthly, in confidence, with 5 to 7 other business owners to work on your most pressing business issues, guided by an expert facilitator?

Peer advisory groups and mastermind groups are proven quite effective in assisting business owners to grow their businesses.

The Executive Suite is providing small business owners access to a Peer Advisory Group to work on a confidential basis with other business owners in a monthly setting to discuss and resolve some of your most pressing business issues using an established case-study method, share cutting-edge business management practices, and develop actionable business plans.

Contact Warren Rutherford at 508-778-7700, or complete the form below to get further information.

How is the monthly program structured?

Each 4-hour monthly session will be is structured as follows:

  • Welcome
  • Member updates on professional and business goals accomplished from prior month
  • Monthly topic presentation and discussion (agreed by members in advance)
  • Urgent Issue discussion
  • HOT SEAT – Case study presentation and discussion by a member that’s focused on helping the member to develop meaningful and lasting change in how they manage and grow their company (assigned from prior session)
  • Members set goals for following month
  • Open Floor
  • If desired, training presentation by subject-matter experts in management, finance, sales, marketing, operations, technology, risk management, and other disciplines to leverage their knowledge and expertise to help you run your business better (agreed by members in advance).

Each owner will develop an actionable business plan 1:1  with Warren to include mission, vision, goals, strategies and action plan, using Balanced Scorecard and One Page Business Plan principles and system focused on finances, customer, people, and process.

As an accountability-based training program the focus is upon learning, applying, and continuously practicing and reinforcing the tools you will learn in each monthly session from each other.

What materials are provided?

  • Owners will receive prior confidential consultation to ensure appropriateness for entry into the Group and execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect confidentiality.
  • Annual subscription to the One Page Business Plan®, a proven, cost-effective method of achieving business objectives.
  • ADVanced Insights Assessment on your decision-making, behaviors, and motivators. Includes assessment and 1-hour debriefing on each assessment with owners in group format.