DECIDE Program

Deciding what to do with your business

Then creating and implementing your successful Business Transition Strategy

As the progam name implies, I will help you analyse the 10 options most often used by business owners when evaluating new ownership and decide the option most appropriate for you. No one can guarantee that you will find the ideal owner – but if you create a clear vision of what you want in a new owner, it is more likely you will find someone with those characteristics and even enjoy the process.

As the 3rd program in STPI’s Business Owner Transition Strategy, the DECIDE program will show you how to guide your business through a successful transition to the best new owner for your company – and how to achieve your Personal, Business and Financial Transition Goals through this process.

I view the EXIT not as a negative – but as a positive – hence the use of the term TRANSITION. In the DECIDE Program, as with the 2 prior programs, THINK and LIVE, you have full opportunity to explore your options and criteria for choosing the best new owner for your company and the criteria for making your company ready for transition to a new owner. Oh yes, and the dog is optional.

The goals of the program are straight-forward, to help you –

  • Appreciate and understand the complexity of a successful Business Transition Process—
  • Recognize and work through the emotional issues related to:
    • Letting go of your company
    • Allowing your company to change
    • Passing your company on to a new owner
  • Understand why a successful Business Transition Process takes time, and why it requires several different types of planning
  • Understand why and how you need input and support from various types of professional Advisors to plan for and achieve a successful Business Transition, and help you understand the best way to work with your Advisors—as a collaborative Transition Advisory Team.

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