Just thinking about selling your business or planning for retirement can send a chill down the spine of many people.

With our programs, I will work with you to help you create balance in your future life and discover what counts by helping you move beyond financial concerns to the central measurement of happiness and success: the quality of your future life.

I use proven and practical transition tools to work with:

  • Business owners,
  • Career professionals planning for retirement,
  • The programs consist of handbooks, 1:1 or group coaching, and workshops (1/2 day, 1 day, or 2 day). You can purchase the Handbook and 1:1 coaching programs below.  Take a look at a summary of each, and ask me for more information about my programs.

The THINK Program provides business owners the tools and process to develop a personal transition and business transition plan. 4 sessions.

The LIVE Program provides both the business owner and the career professional the ability to deeply explore the 10 aspects of your future life, then helps you brainstorm and select the most satisfying choices so you can create a customized Personal Transition Plan for living an exciting and purposeful new life. 8 sessions. Available as 1:1 or Group Workshops.

The DECIDE Program helps business owners analyse the 10 options most often used when evaluating new ownership and helps you decide the option most appropriate for you. No one can guarantee that you will find the ideal owner – but if you create a clear vision of what you want in a new owner, it is more likely you will find someone with those characteristics. 5 sessions.

The Explore Coaching™ Program provides you, the career professional, a process that helps you navigate the murky waters of transitioning out of your current position. 2 sessions. Available as 1:1 or Group Workshops.

The What’s Next? Coaching™ Program helps you, the business owner, successfully address the personal and emotional side of transitioning out of your business, while helping you avoid Owner’s Indecision and Seller’s Remorse. 2 sessions.

Transition Planning

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