Communication Skills for Managers

Communication Skills for Managers

Communication Skills for Managers, this course is approved by the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund, course # 1131244.

communication skills for managers

Communication skills for managers are critical for effective communication in a business setting and are more critical than ever before.  If you are in doubt, the benefits of learning good communication skills abound.

In this workshop, busy managers will learn how to achieve positive results using proven communication techniques.

From face-to-face interactions to professionally written email exchanges, a meaningful message involves establishing a connection and lasting impression. In this 4-hour workshop we will cover the following topics to help improve communication skills for managers. The workshop’s interactive methods will involve exercises to help each participant learn to communicate more effectively – and yes, it will be fun!

Subject matter covered includes:

  • Elements to effective communication
  • Formal and informal communication
  • Toward an effective business communication process

Here’s a teaser to the workshop. See how you do!

Name 5 characteristics you need to:

  • See
  • Hear
  • Feel
  •  …to “like” a new acquaintance.
  • Name 3 characteristics you want to verify to work with a new business associate?

And, here’s another:

How much time do you think you actually spend communicating with others?

  • Listening?
  • Speaking?
  • Reading?
  • Writing?

Find out the answers the workshop.

Listening Bad Habits – Think you need a refresher in effective listening?  See how you do on this quick test. 

Following is a list of ten bad habits of listening. Check those listening bad habits that you are sometimes guilty of committing when communicating with others. Be honest with yourself!

  1. ___ I interrupt often or try to finish the other person’s sentences.
  2. ___ I jump to conclusions.
  3. ___ I am often overly parental and answer with advice, even when not requested.
  4. ___ I make up my mind before I have all the information.
  5. ___ I am a compulsive note taker.
  6. ___ I don’t give any response afterward, even if I say I will.
  7. ___ I am impatient.
  8. ___ I lose my temper when hearing things I don’t agree with.
  9. ___ I try to change the subject to something that relates to my own experiences.
  10. ___ I think more about my reply while the other person is speaking than what he or she is saying.

Are you ready yet for this workshop?