When to Use a Placement Firm

Our continued success results from constantly recruiting for talent; screening, testing, and interviewing applicants; and having a good knowledge base for talent that circulates in different industries.

We know that an effective hiring process is time consuming and expensive, often up to 400% of a position’s annual salary, and requires a good deal of focused effort and attention to do each hiring successfully.  Add in the need to comply with a host of federal and state employment laws and practices and the hiring process can become a challenge for even the most experienced business owners.

We suggest you consider using a placement firm to save time and expense in the placement of ads, screening resumes, interviewing candidates, checking references, and negotiating salary.  In our experience it is not uncommon to receive well over 40 applications for a position.

If you have interest in using a placement firm the following can help make this effort more successful.  Be realistic in describing the job requirements and salary and be as precise as possible in understanding and communicating the job tasks, knowledge, skills, and abilities, experience, and interpersonal skills.

A placement firm will take much of the guesswork and headache out of the hiring process and can often tap into an already established pool of qualified and skilled workers that can result in a prompt filling for an open position.  Don’t hesitate to ask the placement firm if it has candidates readily available to fill your need.

Finding candidates for clients is a continuous process.  It is important for you to know who has been continually in the job market and is reliable (or not).  Advertising has moved online with the use of searchable databases to refine the search.  Within each firm there is direct knowledge of candidate strengths and a searchable database to provide a better match for that necessary person-client fit.    Screening candidates requires receiving resumes, interviews, psychometric assessments, reference checks, and background checks dependent on position applied for.

We suggest you consider using a placement firm for a highly confidential search and to more precisely define your job needs to ensure a better person-job match.  There is a fee involved but there is also a performance guarantee to back up the talent.  If you have any questions on how to go about hiring an employee let me know.

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