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3 Myths About Management Performance

As a management coach I work with clients to improve their individual and company performance.  The initial reason for the client to work with me may not be just about management performance.  In fact, it usually is not even on the radar as a stated – or an unstated need.

3 Solid Reasons To Avoid Executive And Management Coaching

I read a good amount of material about executive and management coaching.  I figure if I’m going to provide it to clients I ought to understand what’s available in the marketplace.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not interested in discrediting all the great executive...

What’s In Store For Baby Boomer Business Owners?

As a baby boomer business owner, I wonder what it will be like to retire at the traditional age of 65, or is it now 67, according to the U.S.Social Security Administration, or, is there any “required” age to leave my business anymore?

Selective Search Recruitment

As employers we know that hiring is a risky business. Unfortunately, most candidates don’t come with guarantees. Successful recruiting is part science and part art. It is the successful marriage of realistic expectations and best matched skills and experiences for...

How a C-Level Recruiter Makes A Difference For Companies On The Move

When I receive a new assignment for a C-Level search I’m naturally excited.  My game plan involves developing a full company and position profile, developing a search campaign that will identify the most qualified potential candidates for the position, and developing...

Do Baby Boomers Watch The Evening News Anymore?

OK, I’ll admit that I watch the Evening News on a regular basis.  I’ll even admit that I use the TV remote to mute every commercial during the news.  And why not?  I get the benefit of fast-paced snippets of U.S., World, and local news.  Sure, most of the news focuses...

The Truth About Avoiding Mis-hires In 3 Little Words

I base my executive search practice in understanding the past, the present, and the future – strategies, accomplishments, objectives – and what type of person can help the company get there.  It’s very important for me to identify company culture, processes, and communication dynamics to ensure that I can match that company with a professional who has similar interests and objectives.  

What Do Employers Need To Be Looking At Right Now In This Job Market?

I find employers want to make sure they “hire smart” in the new economy, especially when they are continually faced with pending baby boomer retirements, adapting their workplace practices for millennial’s, and adjusting to the challenges brought about by the Internet of Things (IoT) to name a few.