Does Your Business Need A Talent Assessment System?

Perhaps I need to clarify what is – and what is not – a talent assessment system.  Not to worry, it’s a small clarification.

What it is not!

It is not a talent management system.  That is, it is not a system that provides companies the ability to manage its human resources more efficiently.  A talent management system generally focuses on –

  • Recruitment,
  • Corporate learning,
  • Performance management, and
  • Compensation management.

What is it?

A talent assessment system is more focused.  As a data driven system it –

  • Allows a business to assess all job candidates,
  • Assists in the hiring process by building assessments for specific positions and functions,
  • Provides support to promotional opportunities and succession planning,
  • Provides the basis for more directed training programs, and
  • Assists in more accurate performance reviews.

Do your business need one?

So, does your business need a talent assessment system? The answer for many is – it depends. It depends on how a talent assessment system can help your company in the areas noted above in the areas of –

  • Candidate assessment,
  • Building benchmark position profiles,
  • Supporting promotional opportunities,
  • Supporting and enhancing succession planning,
  • Improving training, and
  • Improving performance reviews.

More questions?

So here are the questions I want to ask – and hope you can answer –

  • How effective is your current hiring process?
  • How effectively do you assess candidates for promotions, succession, and training needs?
  • Do you want to learn how to turn poor performers into high performers?

What’s different?

What’s different in the talent assessment system is that –

  • Clients are trained in the use of the system components so they can learn how to use and to interpret assessment data, learn the process, and be supported on an ongoing basis.
  • Effective search, training, and coaching practices are outsourced to clients.
  • Each client receives ongoing support – continually working to assess use and assessment results.
  • Each system can be customized to suit client present and future needs.

We’ve heard these promises before – what’s different?

First, have you actually heard these promises?  Consider why the talent assessment system is different. Yes, when you google the term you will get a number of search replies for talent assessment tools, for the need for effective talent assessment, etc.  But very little for talent assessment system.  So, what is different?

That’s easy.  This talent assessment system uses the data derived from the Innermetrix ADVanced Insights Profile®.  The Innermetrix ADVanced Insights Profile® combines the best of three world-class profiles –

  • The Attribute Index measures how you think and make decisions,
  • The Values Index measures your motivational style and drivers, and the
  • The DISC Index measures your preferred behavioral style.
  • Together they answer the questions WHAT, WHY and HOW:
    • What natural talents do you have?
    • Why are you motivated to use them?
    • How do you prefer to use them?

It’s that simple. Really.

Would you like to –

  • Learn how to use an assessment process to improve your hiring, promotions, succession planning, and training, and receive ongoing, monthly training and support for a low monthly fee?
  • Learn the benefit to assessing every applicant and every employee so you can better identify training needs and evaluate promotional opportunities?

It is difficult to say yes to all these questions, so here is an offer. Take this complimentary assessment and you can see for yourself if a further discussion on the benefits of a talent assessment system will benefit your business.


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