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Welcome. The following articles represent best practices in executive search, transition planning, and talent assessment systems. Succession-based executive search is the heart of what we so at The Executive Suite, and we want to share our knowledge of successful strategies with you.

When Should You Consider a Retained Executive Search?

As one who specializes in retained executive search, it's helpful to expain the difference between retained and contingent searches.

Succession Planning and Executive Search

Succession planning is discussed with business owners prior to starting an executive search to find a CEO to run their company.

Transitions and Executive Search

Conducting an executive search for a CEO for a closely held or family-owned company requires a transition strategy for the owner(s).

Best Candidate Questions You’ve Ever Heard – With a COVID Update!

Executive search gives me the opportunity to talk with lots of candidates.  I learn from each one. Here are some of my favorite questions

How To Become Better With Succession Executive Search In 10 Minutes

Planning and implementing a succession executive search require a strategy. Here are some tips for closely held companies.

Can You Make A DEI Focused Benchmark Profile?

A DEI focused benchmark profile consistent with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives requires forethought.

SOAR Into The Future With Your Next Executive

Using the SOAR analysis as part of an executive search process enables business owners to develop a profile of the company.

3 Keys To Successful Executive Search

Here are 3 keys to successful executive search search based on my experience as an executive search consultant. 

5 Steps To The New CEO Of Your Dreams

Have you asked yourself what are the 5 steps to the new CEO of your Dreams and how to assess and place that person into the company as the new CEO.

Recruiting For Person-future Fit Will Make An Impact In Your Business

Why You Need Benchmark Profiles in a Professional Search!

Talent Assessment Process in M&A. Is it Needed? This’ll Help You Decide!