Executive Recruiting & Executive Staffing

When You Recruit For The Best, Why Settle For Less?

Can you afford a mis-hire? Our proprietary process matches superior candidates to companies and their cultures where they can best contribute to long term growth and success. The result? Mis-hires are avoided.

As an executive recruiting and professional staffing firm we focus on executive level positions, professional staffing, direct hire or permanent placements, and temporary placements.


Our primary services are located in the Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod area; we have relationships with many global companies, as well.

Employers Our process for recruiting executive level and professional candidates is meticulous, detailed and effective. It is designed to create a concentrated pool of candidates with the required skill set and perfect cultural fit for long-term growth and success.

Candidates Our detailed and thorough process assists us in finding senior level and professional opportunities that perfectly match your experience. We strive to place you in a position that fulfills your career goals and aspirations to achieve long-term success.

Executive Coaching

Is Every Manager Born to Lead?

Usually not. Our expertise in Executive Coaching combines cutting-edge leadership and management practices with executive coaching programs for business owners & their managers.

We believe it’s important for managers and  business owners to discover how their talents, drivers, and behaviors can increase their performance and success.


The results?  Incredibly effective management and leadership practices that can best contribute to the long term growth and success of your company. Please view our coaching program descriptions below.

 Testimonials from Clients and Candidates

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