Supervisor’s Training Program

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Supervisor’s Training Program

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Supervisor Training Program

This course is approved by the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund, course # 1131172 Supervisor Training Program.

Our Supervisor training program  is designed to assist supervisors in becoming a supervisor coach by understanding to learn how to use their talents, behavioral preferences, and values to manage, lead, guide, coach, and motivate employees in their work environment.

As part of this 7-seven session training program, each participant will receive an ADVanced Insights Assessment containing a DISC Index, Values Index, and Attributes Index.  The assessment will be used during the supervisor training program to help each supervisor understand not only their own preferred behaviors, values, and decision-making talents, but those of their employees as well.

Specifically, we will help you look at:

  • WHAT – natural talents do you have
  • WHY – are you motivated to use them
  • HOW – do you prefer to use them

As you consider improving your supervisory and management skill sets:

  • Have you considered the needs of your employees to become more engaged and aligned to your company’s mission and purpose?
  • Have you considered engaging your employees in the development of your division or department goals and objectives?
  • Have you thought how you can improve communication patterns amongst and between your staff and those of other divisions or departments?

These questions can help you understand the needs you might have to lead and manage your work team towards more successful outcomes.

This training program will coach supervisors – and train supervisors to be supervisor coaches.  Each session will be 2 hours and will be comprised of reading and exercises that are focused on helping you as the supervisor manage your employees more effectively.

  1. The Supervisor’s Job
  2. Leading the Work Team
  3. Developing Supervisory Skills: Planning and Organizing
  4. Communicating, Coaching, and Counseling
  5. Creating a Climate for Motivation
  6. Managing Change
  7. Developing and Maintaining a Productive Work Environment

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