Outplacement Services

Combining Best in Class Career Transition and Outplacement Services

The Executive Suite offers professionals in transition the following transitional outplacement services, with or with out a structured coaching program as part of the Career Transition Book offering.


Individual Outplacement Services

These will consist of the following:

Career Transition Book – this 143-page workbook was developed using the principals of successful career and personal transition planning, and encourages a client to review his/her current state in their career, and, through a series of exercises, identify the following:

  1. A client’s life purpose
  2. Transforming career transition-related fears
  3. What the client enjoyed when he/she was younger
  4. Life-transitions exercise
  5. Identify exercise
  6. Power of convergence exercise
  7. The 10 lifestyle areas for a personal and career transition that encourage a client to create up to 6 options for each lifestyle area, envision a scenario for 2 options, and to then develop a tactical implementation plan for each.
  • Physical health
  • Activities with spouse/partner/significant other
  • Activities with family members
  • Intellectual stimulation
  • Recreational/creative
  • Residence
  • Social connections
  • Spirituality/faith
  • Volunteer/philanthropic
  • Income-producing work

DISC Index debrief – review how each person adapts his/her natural behavior and assess why, including a full discussion of his/her strengths in:

  • Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Communication,
  • Goal Achievement,
  • Role Building,
  • Job Selection, and
  • Performance Management.
  • Future Visioning discussion – 17-page questionnaire:  This Future Visioning exercise will help a client create a future vision for where they want to go, by using where they have been to help them create a future vision that is as detailed and real to their mind as it needs to be for their inner-self to believe it.

Individual Outplacement Services + 4-hours Targeted/person

This option is the same as the above, but includes a Career Transition coaching component of 4-hours over 3 weeks of targeted coaching per person.

Individual Outplacement Services + 12-hours Targeted/person

This option is the same as the above, but includes a Career Transition coaching component of 12-hours over 8 weeks of targeted coaching per person.

Outplacement Services


Career Transition Investment Options

Outplacement Coaching (5 hours)

  • Résumé development
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Professional References
  • Identify the strength of your network – and leverage it
  • Personal Branding / Differentiation
  • LinkedIn & Social Media Training
  • Job Search Planning / Optimization: Explore the Job Market – Identify your target industry, job class, geography
  • Interview Strategy & Role-Playing
  • Job Offer Negotiation
  • Set a goal – time, working capital, monthly burn, significant interactions (companies, network, recruiter)
  • Physical health
  • How much time each day, each week, and each month will you allocate to your goals, and accomplish them?
  • How will you measure the accountability quotient?
  • Where do you need assistance?

Ongoing Monthly Coaching is optional, 1 hour monthly.