Creating My New Life After A Divorce Program

The Creating My New Life after a Divorce Handbook/Coaching Program helps you get your head in the right place regarding leaving your marriage.  As you develop your new life you will develop planning strategies, brainstorm, and prepare written plans for your new life – that you can’t wait to start!

Leaving Remorse: People who are in the   divorce process may suddenly sabotage the process for no good reasons, because of unresolved fears about leaving.


Exit Remorse: If people who have been recently divorced don’t have a plan for a fulfilling new future, they won’t know what to do with all the free time they suddenly have. They will become bored, even depressed, and miss their old life, because at least then they were in a relationship, as bad as it may have been. They think, “I shouldn’t have left. I don’t know what to do with my life now.”


Post- Marriage Rut:  People have successfully left their marriages, but they didn’t plan what to do with their new lives. Because they were busy all the time in their old life, they now find ways to become constantly busy, but these new activities don’t give them a sense of meaning or purpose. They dig themselves into a hole of meaningless and purposeless activities and feel unsatisfied and depressed, but don’t know how to make their life more meaningful.


Post-Divorce Stress Disorder: This is experienced when divorcées have left their marriages without doing proper planning for their lives after leaving. The symptoms of the disorder are: a loss in enthusiasm for life, not feeling the same since leaving the relationship, being bored, depressed, and/or feeling that there is nothing to look forward to and that life no longer has meaning and purpose. Post-Divorce Stress Disorder often causes divorcées to make poor life decisions and rash personal choices, to make sense out of life once more.


The Creating My New Life after a Divorce Handbook/Coaching Program has been developed to help you prepare for the transition to the next stage of your life. The handbook and coaching program are based upon nearly 20 years of experience helping people transition to dynamic and purposeful new lives. The exercises are based upon time-tested methods for making successful transitions.


The programs consist of a handbook, :1 or group coaching.  You can purchase the Handbook and 1:1 coaching program below, and, as you determine your needs, engage with me for more extensive coaching and outplacement assistance.

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Creating A New Life After Divorce Program