Career Transition Planning

Are you in a career transition?

Do you have an integrated plan for your future life and career?

Are you starting to have negative experiences during your career transition?

  • Career Tunnel Vision
    • Are you thinking that work is the only aspect of your life?
    • Are you limiting your options?
    • Are you ignoring the other aspects of your life that can help create a balanced, quality life?
  • Career Transition Remorse
    •  Are you making career decisions that don’t effectively utilize your career expertise and the balance you need in your life?
    • Are you thinking: “I don’t know what to do with my life and career now?”
  • Career Transition Rut
    • After you may have successfully left your career, (or maybe that decision was made for you), did you not plan what to do with your new life and career?
    • Are your job search activities not fun?
    • Are you struggling to understand how to make your life and career more meaningful – and successful?
  • Career Transition Stress Disorder (CTSD)
    • Do you have a loss of enthusiasm for life and career?
    • Are you bored and depressed?
    • Do you feel there is nothing to look forward to – in work or in life?

Is your life out of balance – are you stuck?

The Career Transition Journey Coaching Program and Handbook helps you prepare for, and make the transition to, the next stage of your life and career. The program and handbook are based upon nearly 20 years of experience of transitioning people into dynamic and purposeful new lives and 40 years of helping professionals make sound career choices.

The programs consist of handbooks, 1:1 or group coaching.  You can purchase the Handbook and 1:1 coaching program below, and, as you determine your needs, engage with me for more extensive coaching and outplacement assistance.

Career Transition Planning


Career Transition Investment Options