Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program serves two main purposes:

  • To provide high potential young professionals working for business owners the ability to be mentored by senior executives, and 
  • To enable business owners the potential to create a succession plan with mentored high potential young professionals in their current business.

Mentoring programs have become quite popular, however, we believe there is a significant gap in the design and delivery of mentoring programs. 

It’s important that the business owner be able to provide young professionals with professional mentoring that is focused on the growth of the owner’s business by providing the young professional (the mentee) with the skill sets necessary to help the mentee to learn what is needed to grow this business.  

As such, our mentors will work with the business owner to identify the company’s business goals and objectives, ensuring that the company’s business plan is aligned with the goals and objectives of the mentee.

To ensure that the mentor-mentee relationship provides accountability and feedback to the business owner, the mentor, and the mentee, we use a mentoring software system. The software provides the ability to:

  • Establish mentee goals and objectives,
  • Establish reporting and accountability performance indicators to gauge the effectiveness of the mentoring program, and
  • Provide the mentor and the mentee with a vast training library to establish an effective road map for the mentoring program.

The Executive Suite will provide mentors to business owners through our Mentor Placement Program.  We believe that mentors should be held accountable for their service to business owners and provide the business owner assurances that the mentor – mentee relationship will accomplish its objectives – for the mentee and for the business owner.

Each participating business will be provided a Mentoring Program Service Agreement that will outline our respective roles and responsibilities, including weekly billing and payment procedures and monthly reporting on mentee progress.  You’ll find our hourly rates quite reasonable for supplying your mentee with a highly qualified senior executive.

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