Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training | One Day

Session I

  • Introduction
    1. Review & discuss current level of customer service at each participant’s company with focus on increasing effectiveness.
    2. Review expectations and training program – focus on ideas to improve customer service.
  • The role of Professionalism – discussion.

Session II

  • The role of Attitude and Behavior – discussion
  • The role of Beliefs and Values – discussion
  • DISC – explanation & group debriefing

Session III

  • DISC assignment from Session II – discussion
  • How to identify Behaviors in customers – discussion

Session IV

  • The role of Job Purpose & Job Function – discussion
  • Review Company Purpose and Focus – discussion
  • Discuss Exceeding Customer Expectations – ideas, approaches.
  • Recap, action steps, and customer service reinforcers – how do we know we are getting better?
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