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Below is a list of our Workshops for Spring, 2020

Workshops by The Executive Suite at CapeSpace Spring 2020

  1. Mentoring Young Professionals – Learn how businesses can benefit from establishing a mentoring program to assist young professionals in their career growth while improving the growth and performance in the business. 3/10/2020 Lunch and Learn Hyannis
  2. What Really Drives Performance in Your Business? – Learn the essential ingredients that can drive superior performance in every business and why all profits are now generated between the ears. 3/24/2020 Lunch and Learn Hyannis
  3. Hiring Smart – Learn proven employee selection practices that can help you to hire smart and create a “high performance” workforce. 4/7/2020 Lunch and Learn Hyannis
  4. Managing Smart – Learn about cutting-edge employee management practices that can help you to manage smart and create a “high performance” workforce. 4/14/2020 4:30-5:30 Mashpee
  5. Motivating Smart –Employers need to motivate employees better to increase performance and profits. Learn proven employee motivation practices to show you how to motivate smarter and tap into the “hidden” motivational talent of each of your employees.  4/21/2020 4:30-5:30 Mashpee
  6. Balanced Scorecards for the Busy Businessperson – Learn how to use the balanced scorecard as a planning and management system to ALIGN your business activities 4/28/2020 4:30-5:30 Mashpee
  7. Communication Skills for Managers – Learn the elements to effective communication and how to develop an effective business communication process 5/5/2020 Lunch and Learn Hyannis
  8. Conflict and Conflict Resolution Techniques – Learn different types of conflict resolution techniques for use in business settings. 5/12/2020 Lunch and Learn Hyannis
  9. Bullying, Workplace Violence & Harassment in the Workplace – Learn what constitutes workplace bullying, violence and harassment and practices to limit these in the workplace. 5/19/2020 Lunch and Learn Hyannis

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