Welcome to The Executive Suite’s Assessment portal.

We utilize several cutting-edge assessment instruments developed by Innermetrix, Inc. to assist you in diagnosing your decision making talents, your motivational drivers, and your behavioral preferences.


To achieve maximum effect, assessment instruments require expert interpretation. Our owner, Warren J. Rutherford, is certified in the use and interpretation of the Attributes Index, the Values Index, and the DISC Index. He is a CMT Certified Master Mentor and serves as the Director of Coaching Programs for Innermetrix, Inc.

Using the Assessment

We utilize these and other objective appraisal instruments in our executive and professional recruiting, executive coaching, and management training work with business owners, managers, boards of directors, and employees as well as with our applicants in the career development process. Our focus is to enable clients to become more authentic and self-aware by understanding how their skill strengths, decision making talents, motivational drivers, and behavioral preferences affect their personal and professional performance.


Interested in learning more about yourself?

For a complimentary review of your drivers, take our complimentary Atrributes Index assessment that will measure your EQ and complete the form on the right. I’ll contact you and guide you through an initial self-discovery process.

Training & Coaching

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