Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Program

This leadership development program combines my common sense approach to management and leadership with smart leadership tools and proven leader as coach principles.

How?  I’ve been an executive for over 41 years. During that time I’ve learned from my successes – and failures – in leading and managing leadership development programs, people and organizations to success.

Leadership development programThe results – a practical, proven, and effective leadership program that brings noticeable results – in 1 year or less.

All executives and managers are great at something – and it may not be managing and leading others.

As a Master Coach and Mentor let me help you to learn:

  • What drives you, how you think & behave, and how to leverage that to become an effective leader.
  • Proven coaching principles and smart leadership tools focused on successful leadership & management coaching techniques to lead, coach, and manage your employees.
  • About effective work teams, managing, planning, hiring, communicating, coaching, counseling, motivation, managing change, productive work environments, performance appraisal, continuous quality improvement, and project management.

I’ve developed a 16-week program that combines the best elements of executive coaching and leadership and management training.

Can you afford to invest 2 hours weekly to improve your personal and professional performance in leadeing and managing your company?

Leadership Development Program

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“I would highly recommend Warren, and I have several times. Through Warren’s skills and expertise, I am developing my own inner compass for leadership, and gaining invaluable self-awareness, confidence in my strengths, and insight into effective leadership & management practices. I encourage any company with managers looking for an edge to join Warren’s Leadership Development Program.”

“Thank you for the excellent class. This class is for anyone who is receptive to new ideas, and has the attitude that they can learn more about themselves and their leadership & management style. The class not only helps give you the ability to overcome your internal barriers, but helps recognize the power of self-information.”