The Truth About Management Coaches In 3 Little Words

Are you looking for definition – or perhaps clarification about management coaches?  Let me ask you?  If you are thinking of engaging with a management coach (or any coach for that matter), what are the 3 most important words you seek from that coach?  Why is it that you believe you need a management coach?  Are you questioning your path in your business life or your focus?

Perhaps you think that it’s easy for a coach to tell you what you need to do in a time of uncertainty. Perhaps you are in a period of transition and you want to talk with someone about your future path(s) in business.  Or perhaps you want someone to hold you accountable for your actions (future of course).

And it can all be summed up in 3 little words.  Amazing.  Who would have thought that the services of management coaches in helping you grow could be summarized so readily?

You Are Important

As a client, where you want to go is priority.  It’s your time; my role is to help you get there.  How you get there is the work.  Where you want to go is a combination of fulfillment, balance, and process.


What you define as fulfilling is important. It’s personal – and professional. It may include your definition of success – at least initially. Dig a little deeper.  What fulfills you, what do you value- a life of adventure, a life of family joy, a great job?  What is your purpose and how can the coach help you to reach your full potential?


Everyone has a busy life – seemingly being pulled in a multitude of directions, which way, task, or person is the most important. Reminds me of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz “Lions, and Tigers, and Bears – Oh my!”  You’ll probably agree that a bicycle wheel out of balance as you move down the road on your bike is unacceptable.

Why then because you’re “too busy” does having a work life out of balance seem ok?  Balance allows that you can make choices, saying yes to some things and no to others.  When seeking balance, we know it can be fluid, but the management coach helps you to move towards or away from balance as needed, with balance being achieved in the long run.


A song to many – a tragedy in the making to others.  Some view the journey as a song, others view it with disdain.  But your business life’s journey is just that – a continuous changing process. Management coaches focus on the flow in the journey, helping our clients flow through life where, at times, there may be a tidal rush of water consuming everything in its path, and at other times there may be a quiet tranquil ebb and flow of the tide where we have the opportunity to appreciate all that our business life presents us.

The role of management coaches in your journey is to encourage and support you, to aid, and to guide you on your way.

As you seek the fullness in all aspects of your business life, think how a management coach can help you to achieve your proper fulfillment, balance, and process. And if you’re curious how you measure up, try this complimentary assessment so we can chat about your own 3 little words.

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