About The Executive Suite and Executive Search

About The Executive Suite and Executive Search

about-the-executive-suite-and-executive-searchRutherford Advisors, Inc. DBA The Executive Suite provides executive search, especially succession-focused executive search, and succession management for closely-held companies, executive coaching, talent assessment systems, and business succession planning to clients.  Its owner, Warren J. Rutherford has run his firm continuously since its incorporation in 2004.  The firm is located on Cape Cod, MA.

Warren’s executive search focus matches superior candidates to companies and their cultures where these candidates can best contribute to long term growth and success through his person-future-fit methodology, using the IMX ADVanced Insights assessment in the candidate vetting process.

His consulting expertise ranges from small and medium sized businesses, municipal organizations, and non-profit organizations.  He has provided executive leadership and management coaching and training programs and consulting services, including business process improvement training to small and medium sized businesses, business owners, executives, and managers, and municipal organizations, has developed and delivered Peer Advisory Mastermind groups and One Page Business Plans® to small business owners, and has provided municipal and business consulting services to several hundred organizations. He has successfully led and managed several municipal organizations as well as forming, leading, and managing several private businesses.

  • Certified in the use of the DISC Index, the Values Index, and the Attributes Index.
  • Certified as an Innermetrix, Inc. 5th Level Coach, and uses the 5th Level methodology in his executive, leadership, and management coaching, career counseling, and professional placement services.
  • Director of Coaching Programs for Innermetrix, Inc.; certifies individuals as 5th Level Coaches and Senior Level Coaches.
  • Accredited as a CMT Master Coach.
  • Member International Coaching Federation.
  • Certified by the Successful Transition Planning Institute as a Transition Planning Consultant.
  • Certified One Page Business Plan®
  • Certified as a process improvement trainer in GOAL/QPC and VATS process systems.
  • 1999: Energy Supply Choices: A Local Officials’ Guide to Electric Deregulation in Massachusetts, developed energy option analyses, developed a Request for Proposal for energy and energy services, conducted seminars on electric deregulation, produced a consumer video on electric deregulation
  • 2010: Business DISCoverY Success Secrets from the Men and Women Who Make Things Happen, “Developing Effective Communications in a Business.”
  • 2010: Leadership in the New Economy, Become More Self-Aware, Authentic, and Smart in Leading and Managing Others, a workbook used in his leader and manager as coach development program.
  • 2017: Strategic SME Succession Planning: Enhancing Value & Wealth vis-à-vis Organizational Diagnosis, Review of Business & Finance Studies, Rutherford, and Flynn authors.

Warren is the former Town Manager in Barnstable, MA, Town Executive in Canton, MA, and Planner/Fiscal Officer for the MacKinnon Training Center in Southbridge, MA from 1978 through 1996.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst, 1975, and a Master of Public Administration degree, with a concentration in Public Organization and Management from Northeastern University, 1978. He resides on Cape Cod, MA with his family. He is chair of the Cape Cod Economic Development Council, Inc., a member of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, a member of Rotary International, XPX New England, and ProVisors New England.