10 % Discount for First Time Coaching & Management Training Clients

As a first time client, if your company retains us to provide executive coaching and/or management training you will receive 10% off our service fee.  

  • Are you confident that your management and leadership practices are resulting in superior motivation and performance of your employees?
  • Would it surprise you to learn that "13% of employees – across 142 countries worldwide are engaged in their jobs – that is, they are emotionally invested in and focused on creating value for the organizations every day?” Gallup Organization, 2013
  • Where do you think your company's employee engagement level is - and how much room is there for improvement?

Our expertise in Executive Coaching & Management Training combines cutting-edge leadership and management practices with executive coaching programs for business owners & their managers.

Do you want to learn how your talents, drivers, and behaviors can increase your performance and success?

Experience continues to show that effective management and leadership practices best contribute to the long term growth and success of your company. 

Perhaps you have thought about coaching and training this year – or perhaps you know another business that would benefit from a conversation with us about our capabilities.

10% discount first time coaching and management trainingIf you are ready for your next move, then contact us now and receive a first-time 10% discount off our professional service fee.

In either event, we’d appreciate you keeping this short note handy – and either contacting us directly – or referring us to another business associate who can use our successful executive coaching & management training services.

This offer is valid through December 31, 2015.

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